Sunday, February 12, 2012

My life.

Well, let me introduce myself first. I am Claudia, I live in Singapore and I am in secondary school. y secondary school is SST. If you do not know what school it is, then GO GOOGLE IT!!!! No lah, I am not that nasty. Well, it is a new school and I am in the third batch. This school is unique, and that is because we use the Macbook to do our studies. Thus, we only have very few books. But we still have the good old worksheets that you have in primary school. I am a typical Singaporean, I love my Singlish vocab, I love my phone, I love my food, I love to be lazy and sleep, I love to etc etc etc. So literally, I love what a typical Singaporean would like. I have 3 best friends in my school and they are well... MY BEST FRIENDS!!! I also love what a typical person would like. And... I LOVE MY MACBOOK!!!! Oh and by the way, it is a pro and it is mac os lion. Yay! I am not the richest in class, but it is alright, I am not one of the smartest in class, but it is alright, I may not be the prettiest in class, but it is alright, as long as I am me. I AM ORIGINAL! I am in Fencing as my CCA, and I hope that it will be fun since CCAs for me only start today.

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